Grading of new driveway area, installation of proper drainage under and above ground, installation of edging for driveway, gravel spread and graded, landscaping including creating shrub beds, edging and mulch, trimming of all existing shrubs, construction of new bed with slate wall masonry. New topsoil, reseed existing lawn areas.

Contractor began and ended on time and on budget. Contractor was very helpful with suggestions before job started within our budget and was able to get the work required done in a practical and affordable way. The crew was very respectful and professional and knew the scope of work. They arrived on time every morning and worked in an organized manner, cleaning up the job site at the end of every work day. No loud music, respectful of the schedule of residents in our home, no mess. This is the second large job they’ve done for us and after two experiences with them we would not hire anyone else.

Carl did a great job. It was not a straightforward project, yet he navigated it perfectly. E.g. the mason yard delivered sub-par materials; Carl noticed it, notified the supplier, and pushed for an accelerated delivery of a new batch. It delayed the construction by a couple of weeks, but would have been much worse had Carl not been on top of the problem the whole time. We felt very well taken care of through the whole process; he was incredibly responsive, kept us in the loop of what was going on at every step of the process, and the patio turned out beautifully.
The only caveat for the future users is to make sure you have correct measurements; we did not, and ended up having to pay extra. However, I am not putting the blame on Carl – we should have made sure that the measurements he quoted were the ones we intended for the patio.
All in all, we were very happy with Carl’s firm, and would definitely consider using him in the future for other jobs.

From start to finish this was the right company to do the work on my home and I was extremely happy with their service. I called for an appointment, which was arranged and kept. In addition, the estimate was not only emailed that evening, but Carl also called to confirm it was received and to ask if I had any questions.
My job was scheduled to start on the 19th and on the morning of the 19th the crew arrived and work began. The foreman, Al, made sure to keep me in the loop, which I greatly appreciated, and smilingly told me to remember “it’s a work in progress” especially when we were in the middle of the job and there was dirt piled in the yard. He also patiently answered my questions (and I am sure I repeated myself several times) and accommodated a couple of revisions I made during the project.
On the last day of the job I was not around, but when I pulled into my driveway and walked around I couldn’t have been happier. The “work in progress” was completed and it was exactly what I wanted. Carl called that evening to make sure I was satisfied, which I most certainly was, and he also stopped by the next day. Al and the crew were always prompt, considerate, and worked hard; they were professionals throughout the project. When you want the job done right this is the company to call.

Nothing, never called me back after 2 attemps.

We appreciate you taking the time to review us. We take pride in our customer service and in order to ensure something like this never occurs again, we decided to go back and search for the error.

After further review of our records, through dates provided in your review and several months further, there is no note of a call (or calls) received by you. If you had left a message with our office phone, it would have been received on several devices (one being an email sent directly to my personal phone) which is a precaution we’ve put into place to avoid such instances you have described.

Perhaps you have us confused with another company? In any case, we apologize for your poor experience and plan to tighten up our customer communications. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Best Regards,
Carl Bongiorno