Carl did a great job. It was not a straightforward project, yet he navigated it perfectly. E.g. the mason yard delivered sub-par materials; Carl noticed it, notified the supplier, and pushed for an accelerated delivery of a new batch. It delayed the construction by a couple of weeks, but would have been much worse had Carl not been on top of the problem the whole time. We felt very well taken care of through the whole process; he was incredibly responsive, kept us in the loop of what was going on at every step of the process, and the patio turned out beautifully.
The only caveat for the future users is to make sure you have correct measurements; we did not, and ended up having to pay extra. However, I am not putting the blame on Carl – we should have made sure that the measurements he quoted were the ones we intended for the patio.
All in all, we were very happy with Carl’s firm, and would definitely consider using him in the future for other jobs.